About us – our offer

If you are the one who doesn´t like long reading you may appreciate short summary of our business!

We are mainly focused on trade with used production machines
= purchase, sell, brokerage of such equipment
+ complex services ( assembly, disassembly, transportation, custom fees, . . . . .)
! Everything mentioned above together with friendly and individual dealings!

Why you should start to cooperate with us:
if there is some unused production equipment in your property, we will help you with its sale

  • if you are seeking suitable machines for your business, we will actively find for you various solutions on the market of used machines
  • we are focused onto the markets of used but also new technologies throughout the world
  • we will save your time and money for seeking machines / clients
  • we arrange assembly / disassembly of traded machine or we can arrange such a service anywhere in CZ upon the order
  • we provide transportation, custom and other services related to the contract
  • individual and friendly dealing

Prosper from our services, thanks to our contacts we will find a suitable solution for you.

If you extend or change your production schedule, we will seek through current offers on markets of used and new technologies and provide you with machines in very competitive prices. Most of the machines are coming from Middle Europe.

In connection with purchase of „new“ machine we also arrange complex services to save your time and money. Market of used machines offers very wide range of investment alternatives, which are distinguished by much lower investment cost and compared to new machines provide very efficient ratio between quality and price.

If your company is from „other side of the barricade“ and you have in your property some equipment you do not longer use, we will find for you a proper client for sale of the machine or we will directly buy such a machine from you.

In general, there are many unused production machines in most of the companies. It is a common routine. Maybe it is also your case. But on the other hand there are companies that are looking for these machines. And this is our job and what we can do. Your business is to produce and sell your products, not your machinery. This is our business which can make your core business more efficient. That is why you may appreciate our services. We will be pleased if you will contact us.

Featured products

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Nabízíme Vertikální obráběcí centrum Kitamura 7X (pět řízených os); rok výroby : 1998; řídící systém...

• Year of manufacture  1998
• Manufacturer  Kitamura
• Type  CNC
• Location  CZ
• processing length  1530 mm
• Processing diameter  650 mm
• Control unit  Fanuc 15M
• Spindle stroke  mm
• Price in CZK  810000 CZK
• Price in EUR  EUR
• Table dim. (W,L)  1700x650 mm

vrtání do oceli (průměr) 75 mm délka ramene 1750 mm Vřeteno Kužel MT 6 otáčení rychlostí: 19 - 1900...

• Year of manufacture  .
• Manufacturer  Csepel
• Type  RFh75/1750
• Location  Teplice, Czech Republic
• Arm length  1750 mm
• Price in CZK  90.000 CZK
• Price in EUR  3.333 EUR
• Table dim. (W,L)  2050x1100 mm

• Manufacturer  LOGO MATIC
• Type  LFS 5020 AHR
• Year of manufacture  1988
• Processing width  . mm
• processing length  . mm
• Location  Karlovarský kraj, Czech Republic
• Table dim. (W,L)  mm
• Price in CZK  35.000 CZK
• Price in EUR  1.296 EUR

Closed machine frame with integrated laser unit Laser unit: CO2 laser TLF 4000, incl. HI-LAS...

• Year of manufacture  2006
• Manufacturer  TRUMPF
• Type  TRUMATIC L 4030
• Location  DE
• Plate thikness  St_20, VA_15, AL_10 mm
• Price in CZK  Na vyžádání CZK
• Price in EUR  Upon request EUR
• Table dim. (W,L)  4000 x 2000 x 11 mm

Set of Autoconer winding machines. Sold together with spinning machines. Some are connected with spinning...

• Year of manufacture  1987-1997
• Manufacturer  Schlafhorst
• Type  Schlafhorst 238,238D,338RM
• Location  CZ
• No. of spindles  Total 512
• Price in EUR  see attachment EUR

Automated packing line for packing into wrapping foil. Machine seldom used. In very good condition....

• Year of manufacture  1998
• Manufacturer  Impianti Novopac S.R.L. Italy
• Type  BM 2509 B
• Location  CZ
• Price in CZK  750 000 CZK
• Price in EUR  30 000 EUR